WebSocket brew

The WebSocket brew implements a basic protocol to facilitate transmitting AES encrypted data through the Pubkeeper network. This type of brew supports Last Value Caching (LVC) wherein the last value published to a specific topic will be saved and provided to new clients joining that topic pool.



Brewer config

  "name": "websocket",
  "hostname": "",
  "port": 8000

Patron config

  "name": "websocket"



[0, topic]

This method will join your brew's connection to the topic pool. Once joined, any data that is published (other than by yourself), will be directly sent to your connection. The data is otherwise unframed.


[1, topic]

This method will unregister your connection from the given topic pool. After this message is processed by the server you will not get any more data published to the topic.


[2, topic, data]

The data field will be published to all clients who have joined the topic pool. data should be a base16/hex encoded string.


[3, topic]

The LVC for the topic will be removed.

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